Over in India he is labeled a ruler in 'Indipop' but tracks such as Marge Sohniye are more than only just 'pop' they are dance-floor fillers. The album includes cardinal songs, which are largely Punjabi waltz/pop influenced.

The heading track 'Something Something' is one hellhole of a hard nursery rhyme. The chorus is terribly 'karaoke-able' and proves to us the Mika can chirrup in Hindi in ps to Punjabi. The visual communication to attend the chant allows us to see Mika make at what he does unexceeded.

Marge Sohniye is the opposite principal emancipation off the album; it has a extremely rare visual communication to go unneurotic near it. Punn Khat Le features the lofty Cheshire Cat who brings an urban desi discern to the course. Jaatta Ka Chhora is vocal by Mika in his inimitable style, on with a nice song to friction match.

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Middle of the album takes on more than of a Punjabi folk finesse beside main tracks one Mundee Wardee and Sajni. Coming to a close, Nee Mera Dil and Mere Dil Mein dragging the record album word-perfect hair to a more mellow and placid ambiance. These are two not like yet enjoyable songs to end a precise crunchy and spirited record album on.

The album includes iii 'bonus' tracks

Mika sings, writes and composes all of his own music, and this natural endowment is freehanded him a vast fan-base overall. 'Something Something' is null short-range of a event album, jam-packed beside adequate songs to get the art horizontal surface rocking, it is a nice record album for the summer.

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